Saturday, December 11, 2010

Adorable Gift! Little Pastry Chef Set

I was at a craft fair last week at KCS and at the table beside me Shelly had the most adorable gift sets on display.  This is a fantastic product, all hand sewn and for a really great price.

Here is the list of what the set includes:

Chef Hat
Decorating tube
Large and small cake in yellow (the cakes have zippered bottoms for storage of the accessories)
Fondant sleeves in pink, white and brown for both small and large cake
Fondant caps in pink white and brown for both small and large cake
White ruffle “icing” for both sizes of cake
10 violets
5 roses
7 white swags

It is all packaged in a cute white with pink dots (or plain white) cake box.

The price is $30 for the set!

You can contact Shelly by phone


or email

Hurry before they are all gone!

There are other adorable ad ons that you can request:

Birthday candles ($1.50 each)
Strawberries and Whipped cream dollops (5 strawberries & 5 whipped cream for $6.00)
Roses in white, pink, yellow, etc.($1.00 per rose)
A footed cake plate ($6.00)
Assorted shapes such as hearts, dots, stripes, etc.

The cakes are yellow and there is a solid wooden box inside.  The bottom is zippered shut so that you can store all the accessories...SO CLEVER!

The colored "sleeves" and fondant drippy looking tops can create so many different looks.  What a fun toy!

Love the felt piping bag and chef's accessories!

How cute is this???

It would look great on a shelf in a room as well.  SO sweet!