Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake


This cake is chocolate coconut cake with fudge filling and fresh strawberry buttercream.  
Simple 8 inch rounds, a nice smooth layer of icing and a few gumballs...very easy yet super cute!

Making the top of the cake not edible meant I was able to prepare it in advance and saved me the stress of the "night before the party cake meltdown" (ask my husband, it's a real thing!!)

The white flower shaped layer is a wooden box that I got at Michael's. 
I painted it inside and out, made a cute Hello Kitty Spoolie to attach to the top and gave it to my little girl. 

And the inspiration behind this cake- Maddie Faith, my Hello Kitty lover!
If you want to see the party details, hop on over HERE.

A peek inside the box!

Cute cake toppers.

I have a baby in my life and the addition of little Caitlyn has inspired me to find ways to simplify without losing the wow factor.  I am so excited about the possibilities.  
Do you have any ideas?  
Please share!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake Pops


Okay, so I'm no Bakerella  but I am one of her biggest fans and I do like to attempt to copy her!  I got the idea for these adorable Hello Kitty Pops on her site and she is always nice enough to include gobs of gorgeous photos explaining EXACTLY what to do.  
She makes me feel like they will be "easy".
They are not easy.
Mine are not perfect.
That's okay, my 6 year old birthday girl loved them!
She was so proud to take these cuties to school.  

While Maddie was at school passing out pops, I was at home trying to create a Bakerella-esk photo shoot.
Here are the results...

Kitty with some flowers.
(decor for Maddie's party this coming weekend...stay tuned!!)

Kitty in a jar of gumballs.
(gumballs will be going on the cake this weekend:)

close up Kitty, give us your best smile!
Oh right, you don't have a mouth.
Funny that we are all okay with your anatomically incorrect face.
You are cute...mouths are overrated! 

"Hello, Kitty"
"Hello, Kitty"

Kitty friends in a jar of gumballs.
Ooh, the cuteness is more that I can bear!

Kitty guts.
I didn't finish this pop.  
I'm not a fan of white chocolate melting candies.
I'm making a mental note for next time about that!

Thanks for looking!