Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweets On Vacation

Sorry friends, I have nothing to show you from my own kitchen.  I made some adorable chocolate dipped rice krispy pops and a fun rice krispy cake for a friend but I got no photos!

I did go on a fantastic vacation with my family to Westport Washington and my eye is always drawn to the sweets.  Here is what I saw...

My boy sneeking salt water taffy!

My baby tasting her first candy necklace!

My big girl holding a giant cone:)

Candy sticks in every color...pretty!!

Best mint chocolate fudge ever...YUM!!

Tasty jawbreakers.

The kids were in heaven being allowed to have much more candy than we would normally allow.

Now I need to get busy planning the treats for my upcoming Stella & Dot party.  Got any ideas?