Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Owl Cupcakes

Owls are so popular right now.  My next door neighbor growing up had an owl collection (figurines, not pets) so whenever I see owls I think of her.  I kinda associate owls with the 70's. I guess peace signs and owls have re-established themselves in today's pop culture!  Anyways, I came across these adorable cupcakes and I felt compelled to share them.

Looks like they used Oreos, junior mints and some kind of yellow candy.  Easy and sooo cute!  Sorry, I do not know where I found this, it was reeeal late one night.  If you know where I got it, let me know so i can give the proper credit!

Newsflash:  Kim from Frost Me knew where the owl was from...Hello, Cupcake a cute blog dedicated to cupcakes! Oh- she also shared that the nose is a banana Runt candy!  So great! Thanks Kim!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dirt Bike Cake

One week after we celebrated my daughter's first birthday, I was back in the kitchen baking a cake for my son.  

Lucky for me his request was fairly simple.  He asked for a "dirt bike cake" and that is exactly what he got.

 For me, it's all about the details.  The "dirt bike guy" is #4 and my little guy turned 4!

My lil buddy with his buddies!

Peeking at the cake!

I used chocolate doughnut holes and cocoa puffs and chocolate rocks on this cake.  The path is made from dark chocolate ganache.

This was a fun cake and very forgiving  Best of all, my boy loved it and my husband deemed it "best tasting cake so far"  Double points for me!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cait's Sweets Table

My favorite element of Cait's party (aside from the cute baby of course) was the sweets table.  
Let's face it, candy is CUTE!  

I was so excited when I spotted these mini polka dotted take-out boxes at a party store in the bridal section!

  The morning of the party I gave my 10 year old daughter a pile of ribbon scraps and she tied random matching ribbons on the boxes for a little added cuteness.  I am all about using what we have and usually the best details come together at the last minute!

Oh- and can I just share- those are Victoria's Secret boxes coming in handy again!  If you haven't purchased any PINK items from VS yet, I highly suggest you do so and then ask for a gift box in each size!

I found these Neapolitans and amazing pink rock sugar sticks at Michael's in California.  We don't get some of the really fun stuff up here in Canada. 
They were huge so I cute them in thirds and wrapped them individually.

The tags were a last minute thing as well but I have to share my new trick...The print on the background of the tag was originally the fabric that inspired the party color scheme.  I used this fabric in Cait's tutu as well.  I took the fabric in to the copy store, put it in the top of the deluxe copy machine and made a color copy of my fabric!  Yahoo!  I am so happy with this concept.  If you already knew about this, don't burst my bubble cause I had never heard of such a thing and I am kinda proud of myself for coming up with it!  
Imagine the possibilities?

 The big lollies came with ugly wrappers so I unwrapped them and covered them with celophane and tied them with cute bows.  So easy and it made such a big difference!

Oh- got that vase at the thrift store for $1. Great find!

Circus Animal cookies were a must at this party!  The chocolate covered pretzels were a really big hit as well.  (I took these photos a few hours before the party when the jars still had cellophane on them.  I actually left the cellophane on until the end of the party because there were so many little ones and I didn't want all the favors to be gone before the party was over!)

More of that fabulous printed fabric paper!  I have had this hat box for a long time, I just keep painting it, covering it with paper, you name it, I have done it!  Height is an important aspect of a sweets table so this box was very helpful.

Another view...I was so happy with the bunting.  It was not hard at all and it turned out so sweet!  It is going up in Cait's room now.

Party favors for baby's friends...Bibs and matching stuffies!

 Our Sweet baby is successfully one!