Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Treats

Need a cute, simple and quick last minute valentine idea?  Here is what we made at our house last night...

Aren't they too cute? 
My 5 year old wrote all 20 of her cards herself.  
I was so proud!

Wanna make some?
Here's the low-down...

find some do-dads for the top.
(we used what we had in the cupboard)
red hot hearts
white mini dagrees (little balls)
classic red sprinkles

melt some chocolate

We used this stuff from Michaels.

I heart Michaels
In a really big way.
Seriously, a really big way.
But anyways....

We used our mini muffin tins to keep the jumbo marshmallows from rolling around.  
We dipped the marshmallows 1/4 of the way into the chocolate and then carefully set it back in the tin.  
This is the hardest part!
 We used a little skewer to guide them into the tins without them toppling on their sides.

We topped them with the pretties as we dipped them.
The chocolate dries, so you must work diligently.

We threw them in the fridge to harden up.
This was only about a 10 minute wait.
When we took them out, they were ready to be bagged and tagged.

 We bought little zip lock style bags in a pack of 100 at the dollar store for...
you guessed it...
one dollar!
What a steal!

The cuteness possibilities are endless for the tags at the top. 
My girls wanted to write them themselves.
Must be something about my craft-nazi-ness.
Makes my kids want no help from me.
Sad but true.

We folded the cute card stock tags over the little bags and stapled them in place.
80+ school treats done in one evening!

Make these!
Then come back and show me!

If you need another fabulous idea or two, check out these bad boys:

I LOVE The Idea Room.  The ideas seriously never stop!!!  
When I visit my head is spinning with new projects.
Kinda like when I set foot in Michaels.
And we all know how I feel about Michaels:)

Happy Valentine's Day!