Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweets For A Doll

This is my first sweets table!  It was so fun to create!!

 This is during the day when we were setting up.  In the evening the plastic chairs did not show:)  
Oh shoot, you hadn't noticed them?
  Well now you see them!

Curly Willow looks great on it's own but I wanted it to have a special touch. I saw something similar to this over at TomKat Studio
I made the huge tissue paper puffs for a baby shower  a year ago so I knew just what to do, just on a much smaller scale:) 
I gave my kids (10, 8 and 6) this job and they executed it so well!

 Chocolate Coffee Mini Cuppies

Pretty Vanilla Cuppies.  
I used two Vicoria Secret boxes for the cupcake stand.

I have a slight obsession with cake plates.  

 Sticking a candle in the teeny cute cake.  We didn't cut into it, I sent it home with the birthday girl. 
The cupcakes and candies were plenty.

Here's the birthday girl with her cake.  
I am not sure if there was anything more beautiful that these two together?
Have I ever told you how much I love birthdays???

I didn't get a shot of the cake in it's adorable stand but be sure to look closely at the pics with the whole table to admire the latest member of my cake plate collection.  
She's so pretty and I got her for $10 at Home Sense!!

Favor purses from Michael's wedding favor isle.  
We dressed them up with an adorable Poupee Girl.

The guests digging in to the sweets!

 Here are the party planners with the birthday girl.  I just wanted to point out how cute the sweets are as a photo prop!  
If you are planning to have a sweets table at your party, be sure to make use of the cuteness in a few photos!!
(after all, the photos will be there long after the sweets are scooped up, right??)

Thanks for coming over to check it out!  I hope you will feel free to ask me if you have questions.  If you are inspired to try something that you have seen, go for it!  
I want to see your finished product so please send me a pic or a link!


Kim @ Frost Me! said...

Looks fantastic! Great job!

Kim @
party inspiration

Rene said...

Looks like a great time - and Victoria Secret boxes is ingenious! Before I read your post i was wondering where the cupcake stand was from!


Susan Crabtree said...

loved all of your details-everything looks great!