Monday, September 21, 2009

Ballet Sweets

A few years ago I did a ballerina party for one of my daughters. A friend of mine just threw her daughter an amazing ballerina party and It reminded me what a great theme this is for little girls!!! Here are the treats from my daughter's party.

This cake was fun and easy to make. The trick is amputating the Barbie! You must take the legs off in order to position them in the right place on the cake. This Barbie was $6 at Walmart and she was wearing a tutu and slippers! I hot glued the candles in her hands.

I used icing tip #103 and applied the icing in a small zig zag to make the cake to look like layers and layers of ruffly tulle. You can do this!!!

My love of royal icing continues...The tutus and slippers are royal icing and I added little pink pearls and decorative sugar to make them really pretty and sparkly!


JHRME said...

WOW! Fabulous cake!