Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Countdown Time!!!

I just did the math...so correct me if I'm wrong (math is not my forte)...Only 9 days till the New Year!!! I thought we'd do our own little Sweets countdown!

I will countdown to 2009 with a countdown of my favorite Fig & Ruby Sweets of all time. I am ending the countdown on New Year's Eve with my favorite sweet of all time but on New Years Day I will be posting the Reader's Choice for best Fig & Ruby Sweet!
To vote, just leave a comment on this blog post, email me or leave me a message on facebook describing your top pick! If you want a refresher, you can click on the cakes to the right and they will take you to my cake galleries. You can even leave the word "vote" in the comment section on the facebook picture of your favorite sweet...it all comes back to my email in the end. You have until New Year's Eve to get your votes in. One vote per person please:)

And for Today...drum roll please......

Favorite Sweet #9

This baby shower cake for a little baby boy named Sterling turned out so cute, I love the color combination and the different designs on the layers. This is the first cake that I did with the textured stripe layer. it just sort of happened and when the cake was finished, I loved the look and depth of that layer in particular. The "textured stripe layer" has since become a Fig & Ruby signature!

My favorite cakes might end up being a bit memory-biased because for me, most of my favorites have personal significance as well :) This particular cake I made for a woman who called me out of the blue, she was so excited for her sister and she wanted her to have the perfect cake for her new baby boy. The proud Grandpa came to pick up the cake and even showed me pictures of his precious Grandchildren. What a sweet and loving family, I had thought at the time. 4 months later, the principal of my girls' school came up to me and told me that I had made his son's baby shower cake! Such a small world!

Stay tuned for my #8 favorite tomorrow!!!