Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cupcake Craze

The popularity of the cupcake is not dying down. We have seen it pick up speed and we are running with it! Cupcakes are not what they once were. They are beautiful and sophisticated. By themselves they are adorable, as a group they are phenomenal! We can make gorgeous swirly cupcakes to coordinate with any color scheme. We make them in the traditional size and also in a mini.

Check out these teeny treats:
For the golf lover...

This grass is also adorable at Easter time with tiny jelly beans tucked in the middle!

We can create a sophisticated and delicious cupcake display with these chocolate balls in a variety of flavors and colors. we can mix and match the icings to make an incredible display!

A treat and a take-home all in one!

We have many exciting cupcake orders on the go right now! (flowers, ocean creatures, ice cream...) Check back regularly to see the latest creations!